Murray Bridge information


Attached is the information booklet that we gave out tonight for the Murray Bridge race .

Pedal Prix Murray Bridge 2018 – General information-zqhley

Also, just confirming the items/help that have kindly been offered for the race weekend (let me know if we got it wrong):

Item/help Name Comment
Kettle x 3 Mark, Con, Kevin
Toaster x 3 Mark, Con, Kevin
Patio heater x 2 Con, Tammy
Stationary bike x 2 Tammy?, ??? One more needed
Cage trailer x 2 Tammy One to be dropped off at the school prior to Fri 21/9
Towing trailers Tammy, Graham
Pick up and return generator Judith Kennards Darlington (pick up Fri AM, return Sun PM)
Radios Steve Range to be confirmed

Note – we need another stationary bike so please let me know if you have access to one that could be borrowed.

If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to email or call me.



Murray Bridge information and training sessions

Hello again

Apparently, both of the dates I mentioned in my last post clash with other events meaning we’d be missing a number of riders. As such, we’ll try the following:

Sun 19th Aug 5pm at the school

This will only be an information session for the MB race.

Sun 26th Aug 1pm – 4pm at Vic Pk

Steve and Antonia Blakeborough will be taking this training session which will be divided into 2 x 90min blocks as per usual. Please let me know if you prefer the first or second block via email –



Murray Bridge information and training sessions

Hello again

In the lead up to the Murray Bridge 24hr race we’ll be holding the following information and training sessions:

Sun 19th Aug 2pm – 4pm at the school

The first hour will be in the gym and solely focussed on rider changes to be sure we have that as slick as possible.

The second hour will be an information session for the race itself.

Sun 9th Sept 1pm – 4pm at Vic Pk

This will be the riders last opportunity to train in the vehicles before the race. I’ll ask you for your preferred time slot closer to the day.




Murray Bridge vehicle allocation


Based on their average lap times from the 2 Vic Pk races, I can now tell you that the riders have been allocated to the vehicles for Murray Bridge as follows (in alphabetical order):

Flaggy Flash Flaggy Too
Mia Goncalves Georgina Blakeborough
Ben Jordans Eddie Conway
Michail Karamanlidis Kate Fitzmaurice
Trent Rivett James Gulley
Jace Turner Amy Hackett
Blaze Whiteway James Jordans
Dakoda Whiteway Patrick Lea
Molly Williams Oliver Sharp

Note, this is not the ride order, I’ll advise that closer to the event.




Victoria Park race 2 – Information and ride times


Please find attached some general information for the race next weekend.

Victoria Park race information – 29th July-1bcmh0g

We haven’t been rostered for any marshalling duty this time although we have been called up at the last minute before so that could change.

Also attached is the detailed ride roster for the weekend. Note that this is always subject to change depending on what happens on the day.

Ride roster – Vic Pk race 2 2018-22837u2



Victoria Park race times

Hi all

As you know, our next race is at Victoria Park on Sunday 29th July from 10am to 4pm.

The riders will be in the same vehicle they are practicing in this weekend and, like the last race, each team will be divided into 2 groups of 4 and each group of 4 will ride for 3 hours.

Therefore, I need to know which half of the race you would prefer:

  1. 10am – 1pm
  2. 1pm – 4pm

Please email me at ‘’ and let me know.

There were 2 people who didn’t get their first preference in the last race so they will be given priority this time with everyone else being first come, first served.



Victoria Park training session times

Hello again

Here are the time slots for training on Sunday:
1:00 – 2:30

Mia Goncalves

Kate Fitzmaurice

Blaze Whiteway

Dakoda Whiteway

Oliver Sharp

Ben Jordans

James Jordans

2:30 – 4:00

Amy Hackett

Patrick Lea

Molly Williams

James Gulley

Trent Rivett

Michail Karamanlidis

Jace Turner

Because we missed the last training session, this will be the only chance for the riders to practice in their vehicle before the next race on the following Sun. Therefore, the aim is to give them good 20mins of ride time each.



Victoria Park training session


Our next training session at Victoria Park is scheduled for next Sunday 22nd July from 1pm – 4pm.

We will divide the session into 2 x 90min blocks so please let me know by email if you would prefer the first or second half.

As always, first in, best dressed.

The riders will be practicing in the vehicle they’ll be riding for the next race at Vic Pk the following week.