Hi Everyone

If you have any photos from any of the races could you please send them in with your child so we can get the video put together before the presentation on 31st October.

Thanks 🙂

Tops and phone

Hi Everyone

Thanks to those who have returned the tops already. Could these please be washed and returned by Friday so Mr Burnside can sort them.

Also, the phone I was using for PP is now out of credit so if you need to contact me for any reason, it will need to be via email –

Thanks 🙂

Team Manager Wanted

After the weekend, I have decided that I will no longer be acting as team manager for our PP team. I will still be involved (as will Paul), but not as the manager. As such, I am now looking for someone who is willing to take on this role. I have put a list below of the things I could think of at the moment:

  • Ensure all forms are returned to Pedal Prix Office by due dates
  • Ensure each rider has an indemnity form (must be filled in before first race)
  • Ensure scrutineering forms are filled in and handed in (with indemnity forms) at scrutineering
  • Attend scrutineering (with a rider or two)
  • Ensure vehicles are ready for races
  • Organise sponsorship/donations
  • Organise fundraising
  • Book dinner at Murray Bridge
  • Send reminders etc out to parents
  • Put in pit request and scrutineering request forms by due dates
  • Check PP website frequently for updates/ rules/ scrutineering times etc
  • Ensure we have all items needed for each race
  • Ensure we have enough marshals
  • Organise ride rosters
  • Organise generator
  • Organise lighting, power etc for Murray Bridge
  • Ensure all electrical is tested and tagged
  • menu preparation
  • organise cool room
  • arrange practise times at Victoria Park
  • Organising Community Lottery tickets and ensuring money and tickets are returned on time
  • Organise carpet for pits
  • Ensuring first aid kit is replenished
  • checking riders’ helmets
  • Running training sessions
  • Ensuring we have something to cook on at MB
  • Organising trophies after MB race.

If you are able to take this on, or know someone who is able to could you please let me know. Like I said though, Paul and I will still be helping so you will not be alone. 🙂

Good news

We packed up very well yesterday and only had one thing left behind, a 2016 blue and yellow Pedal Prix hoodie. It does not have a name on it though. I left it the staff room at school yesterday afternoon.

I am very proud of the team and all the work they put in. 😀

This weekend

Only two more days before our journey to Murray Bridge. 🙂

I am just reminding you again of the essentials:

  • Helmet
  • Drink bottle (to put straw in)
  • SAPSASA school top and shorts to ride in
  • Medication (asthma puffers etc)
  • 5 Litres of water per person (not per rider)
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug spray
  • Eating utensils (plates, cutlery and cups)
  • Warm clothes
  • Sleeping arrangements (tent etc)

I have also reattached the map, marshal roster and ride roster.

See you all on Friday (or Saturday)!

Marshal Roster-19vrqcd

PP Map-zbznjo

Ride Roster Murray Bridge 24 hour 2017-2c1b7fq