Facebook group

Hi Everyone

I have set up a Facebook group (Flagstaff Hill R-7 Pedal Prix) as another way of getting information out to you quickly. If you are on Facebook and have not joined the group yet could you please add yourself.


Also, just a reminder that training will be in the gym again tomorrow. I am trying to do one day in the gym and one day on bikes. Unfortunately, I cant tell you which day will be which as an ongoing schedule due to the changing nature of the weather. However, I will be trying to keep it as Tuesdays on their bike and Thursdays in the gym.


Victoria Park training session – times


Based on your responses I’ve divided the riders into the groups below for the practice session this Sunday. This also represents the vehicle they’ll be in for the next race on 17th June before swapping for the following race in July.

If you know Victoria Park, you’ll find us somewhere on the pit straight towards the Wakefield Rd end on Sunday.

I’d also like to welcome Trent Rivett to the team bringing us to 16 riders. On that note, the ideal number of riders for 2 teams is 18 so we’re currently a couple short. So, if your child has a friend or 2 at the school who might be interested in joining the team, please get them to speak with Mrs Broadley.



Flaggy Flash Flaggy Too
1:00 – 2:30 1:00 – 2:30
Georgina Blakeborough Kate Fitzmaurice
Ben Jordans Blaze Whiteway
James Jordans Dakoda Whiteway
Michail Karamanlidis James Gulley
2:30 – 4:00 2:30 – 4:00
Jace Turner Amy Hackett
Oliver Sharp Mia Goncalves
Eddie Conway Molly Williams
Trent Rivett Patrick Lea


Victoria Park training session

Hi there

Our first training session at Victoria Park is on Sunday 27th May from 1pm – 4pm.

The purpose of these sessions is to give the riders more time in the vehicle they will be riding at the next race.

However, rather than having you all standing around waiting, we will divide the session into 2 x 90mins and have half the riders come to each session.

Therefore, please let me know which is your preference:

  1. 1pm – 2.30pm
  2. 2.30pm – 4pm

Please email your preference to ‘pbroadley@aapt.net.au’ by the end of this week and I will confirm the session you have on Monday.

If I get too many people looking for the same session, it will be first-come-first-served, if I don’t get a response, I’ll allocate you to a session.



Pedal Prix training


We hope everyone who attended the Loxton race enjoyed themselves. Given that it was the first racing experience for many of our riders, we thought they did a great job.

Thanks also to Tammy Whiteway and the Chicken Hub for providing lunch.

Just a reminder that today was the last training session with the cross country team for this year (there is no training on Thurs).

This means the Pedal Prix team will start training with their bikes on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s from next Tues 15th May at the school. Please have your child meet Kylie Broadley by the gym at 8.00am.

If they are unable to bring their bike for some reason, that’s ok, they will simply do some other form of exercise.

From here, it’s very important that the riders develop a consistent pattern of training so that their bodies can adapt and grow stronger. The more riding they do the better so if they can also get out for a ride of up to an hour on the weekends, the greater the improvements they will see in their race lap times.

Our first training session at Victoria Park will be on Sun 27th May but we’ll send more info on how that will work next week.


Paul and Steve

Loxton marshalling

Hi there

Every Pedal Prix team is required to provide marshals at each race and Loxton is no different. If we fail to provide marshals, we don’t race.

We have been allocated a time slot from 2.00pm – 4.00pm in a track position close to our pits and our role is simply to control the race condition lighting i.e. switching it between green/amber/red as needed. It doesn’t require any special skill or strength. Very easy.

To become a marshal, you simply need to complete the short training on the website. Also very easy.

We will divide our allocated time by the number of marshals we have, so more is better.

As I said above, we must provide marshals, so I strongly encourage you to please complete the training. If you are willing to help, go to the Pedal Prix website, click on the Marshals link at the top of the page and follow the instructions. It should take no more than 30mins.

Once you have submitted your training, you can assume you are accepted, you will not receive any confirmation from the Pedal Prix organisation. Please just let me know that you’ve done it.

If you have completed the training in the last 3 years, you don’t need to  do it again.

Thanks in advance