Welcome to Pedal Prix 2017

Hi Everyone

Welcome to Pedal Prix 2017.  We have an exciting year ahead of us with our new vehicle purchased last year and another one on its way!

We will be holding a parent information meeting on Sunday 26th March at 3:00 so everyone knows what is expected and what to expect.

We need to do a lot of fundraising and any sponsorship we can get will be great. Last year we raised over $6000 which was enough to pay for the first new vehicle and now we need to raise more to pay for the second.

We have been offered the opportunity to run a fundraising barbecue at the Bingo Night which is being held on June 24th. I would love to say yes to this. However, I need parents to run it, as my husband and I will be on a plane heading off on holiday. If you can help run this please let me know as soon as possible. Thanks