Bingo Night BBQ

Hi everyone

Due to the small number of bingo books which have been sold for the bingo night, this Saturday, we have made the decision not to run a sausage sizzle. Thank you to those people who volunteered their help on the night 😀

Well done

Well done to all the riders yesterday. Their great efforts saw us finish the race in positions 25th (Flaggy Flash) and 26th (Flaggy Too) with only one lap between the two vehicles. This is our best results ever at Victoria Park.

Flaggy Too would have finished a little higher if the wheel didn’t try to fall off and we really need to work on our pit changes in that vehicle.

Thank you all for your support too.


Fortunately, for this race we have been spared from marshaling (which is fortunate as we still don’t have enough). We desperately need more marshals as, by not being rostered on this time, definitely means we will marshaling at the next race and all teams marshal at Murray Bridge.

Thanks to Dan Letton, Graham Hackett and Antonia Blakeborough who have given me their forms.

Ride Roster for Sunday

I have attached the ride roster for Sunday (which when it is complete will also be printed and sent home). Please note that with the riders for Flaggy Too, some have not returned their forms yet but the only time left was 12-2 so they have been put in there.

For the riders in Flaggy Flash, I have not received forms from James J, Jace T and James G (Jarrod, I have put in 12-2 to match when Charlie will ride). The only times left are 10-12 (2 places) and 2-4 (1 place).


I will be organising the ride roster for the July race this morning when I have received all forms.

Ride Roster Victoria Park 18th June-1dfjvlg