Vic Pk training session times – Sun 26th May


Here are the training session times for the next 2 Sundays at Victoria Park:

Flaggy Too Flaggy Flash
1:00 – 2:00 1:00 – 2:00
Dakoda Whiteway Matthew Lea
Daniel Wakefield Patrick Lea
Michail Karamanlidis Oliver Jacobs
Riley Mills Talin Clarke
2:00 – 3:00 2:00 – 3:00
Jasmine Hann Toby Virgo
Riley Walker Alex Rose
Tomasz Tininczky Bradley Roberts
Bailey Heide Molly Williams
3:00 – 4:00 3:00 – 4:00
Eddie Conway Alice Jephcott
Jordan Micallef Mia Jephcott
Trent Rivett Ben Jordans
Quinn Gulley Joseph Jordans

We’ll be set up somewhere along the pit straight of the Adelaide 500 track, just look for the trailer.

Each rider will have a chance to ride for about 15 mins and each group of riders will be practicing as the pit crew for rider changes with the parent/guardian of the in-going rider supervising.

There will also be other teams practicing so this is a good opportunity for our newbies to experience riding with other vehicles around them before the first race.

See you then.


Pedal Prix training – Vic Pk


Just a reminder that the first set of Pedal Prix training sessions at Victoria Park are on Sunday 26th May and the following Sunday 2nd June, both from 1pm to 4pm.

This is for all riders and they’ll be practicing in the vehicle they’ll be riding in the first race.

The session will be split into 3 x 1 hr blocks and you only need to attend one so please let me know if you have a preference for the first, second or third hour. First in, first served.





Just an update on this term’s training.

This week and next week, training will be on Tuesday only (Thursday, rain is forecast). Riders will be training with the cross country runners for these sessions. Full Pedal Prix training (with bikes) will begin in week 3 at the same times as training is currently.

Pedal Prix – Loxton race


With only 10 days to our first race of the season here’s some important information for those who will be racing.

Loxton information 2019-1o7fvnd

Please note the time you need to be in our pit area on race day. I don’t know our specific pit number yet but they’re all in one area so we won’t be hard to find.

Lastly, there are a few people who haven’t yet paid the $40 fee for this race. Just in case you missed the invoice, Kylie will be sending those people a reminder email on Monday so please get it paid and let Kylie know straight away. If it’s not paid by Wed 1st May I can’t let the rider race.

If you want any other info on the race check out the website ( or feel free to contact me by email or phone.



Pedal Prix practice – all riders


Just a reminder that the next PP practice session is this coming Sunday 14th April from 2-4pm at the school.

This session is for ALL riders but we will break into 2 groups as follows:

Loxton riders – will be on the black courts doing some laps in Flaggy Too and practicing rider changes.

Other riders – will be in the gym getting fitted in Flaggy Flash.

All riders should bring their own bikes if possible so they can do some riding whilst waiting for their turn.

See you there.




Pedal Prix first practice – Loxton riders only


Just a reminder that we have our first practice session from 2-4pm this Sunday at the school.

We’ll either be in the gym or on the blue courts (which aren’t blue anymore).

Note, this session is only for the year 6 and 7 riders who will be racing in Loxton.

The purpose of the session is to work out rider shoe sizes and seating position so they won’t get to ride too much.

See you there.


Pedal Prix information booklet and practice dates


Attached is the general information booklet handed out at the information session on Sunday.

Pedal Prix general info booklet 2019-2eothv7 Pedal Prix practice sessions 2019-29yx0vf

Please note the following key points:

  • If you’re planning on booking accommodation in either Loxton or Murray Bridge, I’d recommend you do it now because it will sell out fast.
  • We need marshals, so if you’re able to help, please find the instructions in the info booklet and email me when you’ve completed the process (contact details are in the info booklet).
  • I need someone to help me maintain the vehicles, especially on race days. Ideally this is someone who understands a bit about bicycles or wants to learn. If you’re interested, please email or call me. The time commitment is as big or small as you want it to be.
  • We need 2 Android phones to operate our timing system. They can be a few years old as long as the battery life is still reasonable. If you have one we can use, please get it to Kylie at school.
  • If you’re a Facebook user, please request access to the Flagstaff Hill Pedal Prix group so we can get updates and info to you quickly.

Also attached is a summary of the practice dates agreed by the organising committee.

Pedal Prix practice sessions 2019-29yx0vf

I’ll send reminders in the weeks beforehand but please add them to whatever method you use to remember these types of things.




Hi Everyone

This afternoon, the students will be fitted for their Pedal Prix Jackets. Sorry for the very short notice, I have just heard back from the uniform shop that she can do it today.  The cost of this is covered by the Pedal Prix fees.